mfreya seamlessly integrates communication channels via SMS, USSD, CALL, EMAIL, WEB and GPS tracking. The platform is smart enough to switch between channels on the basis of availability.


All menus can be enhanced on the fly with no downtime. Roll out new menus and features to your end users in minutes with zero downtime.


Whether its location tracking of field agents or outlet location map or its capturing the location of any data entry, mfreya does it all and with ease.

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sFreya is an innovative piece of software that works as a handheld SMS gateway. For any organization to extend any service on SMS, it requires huge costs to be able to accept and process incoming SMSes.

For the first time and as a first in the market, sFreya brings to organizations the Power in the Palm. With this, a light-weight SMS gateway is installed that accepts incoming SMSes in a prescribed format and processes it as per the business logic.

In addition to processing SMSes, sFreya also processes incoming calls and takes action as configured.

Now deploy sFreya and take your business online in minutes. Connect with the non-internet connected users and do much more.

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